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Jeanine Condo, MD, PhD

Lecturer and Researcher, National University of Rwanda | Former Director General, Rwanda Biomedical Center

Published onAug 04, 2020
Jeanine Condo, MD, PhD

Jeanine Condo is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Rwanda, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, School of Public Health where she joined in 2002. She lectures in the department of Community Health where she handles graduate classes in operational research, monitoring and evaluation, impact evaluation as well as scientific writing and communication. She also served as the Director General of Rwanda Biomedical Center.

Dr. Condo is also serves as the deputy dean in charge of research and consultancies where her roles include overseeing all research taking place at the school as well as catalyze new research grant applications. Dr. Condo holds expertise in the area of nutrition and maternal and child health. She has been involved in a number research projects in leading roles such as the impact evaluation of PBF, effectiveness of PMTCT, and served as a nutrition specialist in different programs for different agencies such as WHO, PATH Rwanda and EGPAF.

Dr. Condo holds an MD from the National University of Rwanda and an MSc and PhD from Tulane University, USA.


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